Make Your Evenings Shine

What if we told you there is time? Time for getting stuff done. For spending time with those you love. For a full night’s sleep where you wake up actually rested.

Enjoy your days more.

The secret: the part of your day that starts at 7pm.

After the sun sets, the kids go to bed, the news programs end, and all are home from the 9-to-5 grind.

This is the time for you to shine.

We’ve got the perfect program for you.

Customized, targeted tips + tricks for all kinds of individuals and lifestyles.

Choose from any one of our 21-day programs:

Life After 7pm for Seniors – coming soon!
Life After 7pm for Highly Active Individuals – coming soon!
Life After 7pm for Creatives – coming soon!
Level I Program
  • 21-day email program
Level II Program
  • 21-day email program
  • two 15-minute phone consultations
Level III Program$155 Value
  • 21-day email program
  • 1 FULL acupuncture session

Testimonial from a happy customer

“Life After 7pm got me personally engaged in improving behaviors and patterns that would lead to better and more consistent sleep. Slowing down the intensity of our mental processes as we prepare for sleep is something that gets easily lost in today’s fast-paced world with so much information constantly being thrown at us, but LA7 really helped me come up with concrete, achievable ways to do that each night. Through what I learned from this program and Damiana’s acupuncture treatments, I ended up completely discontinuing my use of sleep medication while getting more sleep, something that had been a goal of mine for a long time. ” J.M., Boulder, Colo

 What can you do in 21 days?

Start your program to find out.

What do we actually do with that time after 7pm? No one seems to be talking about
that. Especially when it comes to how to use it to build all-around health, wellness
and success. But that’s okay. It leaves it for us to share with you.
Live a fuller, richer, zestier life. It’s right there, before you. It’s Life After 7pm.

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Life After 7pm was founded by Acupuncturist Sleep Specialist, Damiana Corca. After years of
watching the time fly by and trying to tackle a never-ending to-do list, Damiana knew
she needed to create space and time for more mindful living. For her patients, for you,
and for all of us, we’re thrilled to offer Life After 7pm as an easy way to live radically better lives.

Damiana Corca - helping you sleep soundly