What are you doing with your Life After 7pm?

Make it restorative, joyful and energizing  with our life-changing programs. It’s just 21 days.

What you get with your Life After 7pm program:

  • Welcome email orienting you to and getting you excited for what’s to come
  • One email, every day, for 21 days thereafter
  • Tips, tricks and advice on your sleep, exercise, meal and other choices, based on years of clinical experience
  • Activities to do right away (or anytime!) that support your program
  • Targeted words of wisdom customized for each specific program
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group led by Life After 7pm Founder, Damiana Corca
  • Plus,  phone consultations and an acupuncture session for Level II and Level III programs!

Choose from:

Life After 7pm for Busy Moms

For the active mom who gives, gives, gives to her kids and family. Give back to yourself, rediscover real balance, and have more quality time with the ones you with love.  LEARN MORE  or  SIGN UP TODAY


Highly Active People learning to sleep better, Life After 7pm Program

Life After 7pm for Busy Professionals

For the workaholics who don’t quite “have it all”… yet. Get healthier, more balanced, and ultimately, more productive with the program that’s as powerful as you are. LEARN MORE or  SIGN UP TODAY

Seniors Life After 7pm Program

Life After 7pm for Seniors – coming soon!

For those with changing needs, daily routines and goals. This unique program targets later-in-life concerns, offering ways to find lasting motivation, new sources of happiness, and new formulas for a “healthy life.” LEARN MORE


Highly Active Individuals Sleep better

Life After 7pm for Highly Active Individuals – coming soon!

For amateur or professional athletes, those with high amounts of physical energy, or those with physically-demanding jobs. Learn how to best recharge, rejuvenate, and actually have energy and time leftover for whatever else brings you joy. LEARN MORE


Sleep better, LIfe After 7pm for creatives

Life After 7pm for Creatives – coming soon!

For the creators and creatives who may have a hard time finding time for their projects of passion. Start making a better life, better relationships, and better creations, with this invaluable program.  LEARN MORE

While there’s a good chance that more than one LA7 program would be a great fit for you, start with the one that first caught your eye and seemed to whisper, “Try me!”

You can always do an additional programs, down the line. If considering this option, feel free to contact us with questions on suggested time off between programs, specifics on the differences between programs, etc.

Life After 7pm works to:

Heal your body on all levels
Prevent “burn out’s” and energy crashes
Give you more quality time with loved ones and healthier relationships
Bring you deeper sleep and better rest
Elevate your productivity and efficiency at work
Make you more resilient, energized and positive
Restore an inherent balance to your life
Start your program today:
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